Raw Business Knawledge, Distilled

Learn How To Launch, Maintain, And Grow Towards Financial Independence

You’re already bought the idea that you can be financially independent, yet it’s up to you avoid self-development and financial stagnation.

The business school learning from this website is entirely free — even the members only pages.

You’ve hustled and made the occasional dollar and maybe even read a self-help book.

Here, you’re going to learn skills, wisdom, and something impactful every single week distilled directly from me as a recovering wantrepreneur.

The website here is:

  • Loaded-to-the-brim Tai Lopez style “here in my gaaarrraaggge Knawledge” from the books you read and the courses you wish you could afford to save you thousands of dollars
  • Weekly posts discussing the few thousand dollar mistakes aka “wisdom” I’ve had distilled in a weekly post so you can go out there and slay it.
  • Has a page of a huge swipe file of my written business plans, marketing resources, excel lists, etc to save you hundreds of hours of time getting started.
  • Showcasing how I ( or the top marketing guys) ┬álaunch, market, sell, for my own businesses and the different paths you can go down

Hi, my names Jake Goss-Kuehn, and I help to recover wantrepreneurs.

Go ahead and read the blog, right now, and get started.

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