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How to Learn How to Sell Like the Wolf of Wallstreet in this Straight Line Persuasion Course Review

Posted on Oct 28, 2017 by in Blog, The Hustle | 0 comments

Heres my review for Straight Line Persuasion course review that Jordan Belfort does. I’m a huge fan of this course. Its worth a few thousand dollars, but its worth it. After taking it, you learn how to sell like the wolf of wall street through using tonality, but the kicker is this course acts as a sales ethics course too. Who would think that the Wolf would tell you to “stay ethical” before you sell a hundred thousand dollar course?

Anyway, these are my notes for this 10-hour long course. I recommend this course, and I’ve put ten people on it so far and we all agree that its great for a salesperson to add to their arsenal. When you look at this course, he adds himself into it so these notes are not just useful on their own, but because its based on body language and tonality you’ll be able to benefit from watching it.

I took this course to boost my Minnesota small business marketing agency. I use this in cold calls and in conversations with my girlfriend. It’s practical and universally useful. So be warned.

Here are my notes. I take this as I’m watching the course.

My Wolf of Wall Street Course Review

Talks with his hands a whole lot. Its like he’s clapping as he’s hyping up the course. Lots of shoulder and eyelid movements as he talks. It’s like his body is a stage. Lots of head shaking and nodding as he’s talking.
Lots of hands.
Average people, in 20s, but the course is a system regardless of background to master the art of closing verses talking about closing the deal.
Ten different modules, about 10 hours of content.
1 Module a day for 10 days… or 10 weeks at a time.
How you store and retrieve the information easily: Make it unconsciously competent.
Persuasion  Letting them overcoming obstacles to get to create an action.
Take from a place of certainty to a place of certainty.
Takes you to where you need to go without any effert, pronounced effahart.
Still talking with his hands. Good thing I know signlanguage, shit.
Purposely filmed this live, no high camera editing.
    1. If used in the wrong way, can get people to buy things they shouldn’t buy or couldn’t buy.
    2. The process can take anyone from skill levels between 1 to 10, invented back in 1998.
    3. Took kids with 18 yr old, and turned into killers
    4. Straight line from skill of 1 to 10 with the line extending past 10, its GOAL oriented selling
    5. Used to give people a pitch sheet or presentation. Looks like a giant sheet of paper and a blob that you follow
    6. To get their attention, you’d light it on fire.
    7. THe scripts you see, is go around in cricles, with no goal.
    8. the real key doesn’t apply, you can use this in ANYthing like with your spouse
    9. No 1: To get people to buy what they should buy, and to overcome obstacles and limiting belives is a regemented way to get people to ‘profit line’ from where they start from.
    10. You’ll go through dotted lines and become masters of controlling linqustic accounts
    11. Every sale is the same aka hedgehog format of simplicitiy (taken from good to great)
    12. Once they take control of the sale, they are DONE
    13. TRained 20k people, never had a person NOT blow up and become wildly successful without these 3 attributes
      1. Desire to be REALLY wealthy. Burning desire.
      2. Need to take advantage of an opportunity that knocks at their door – increase productivity by 50% if accepted will blow you away and change your life, made more millionaires many times overs
      3. Maintain your ethics with this
    14. If I wanted to sell to you, I would have had 20 testimonails I’d send to you.
    15. Old selling model: YOURE A CLOSER
    16. New Model is BS: Confirming and closing, presentating solutions, identifying needs, building relationships (filling needs by asking what they need) 10-20-30-40%
    17. If you’re not  closing, you need to get out of the business. The instant you open your mouth, you’re closing the sale.
    18. Each word you say is getting to the end of the 10x.
    19. Only 2 things: 60 days while you embrase the system, will increase production by 50%. Want you to stretch.
    20. Work TWICE as hard when you find something that WORKS.
    21. Whatever you’re doing now, and before, think about it and do it TWICE as much and extend it
    22. Don’t pressure what they should NOT do.
    23. You will use certain tonal patterns to make people buy what they should NOT do
    24. Don’t do something or buy something they should not.
    25. Created a generic product (a widget) will teach you how to sell this product, its a $4000 value product, to people you don’t lnow or spoken to, and have 4 seconds to capture their imagine and one hold to win the sale.
    26. One you go through the training, its easy to go through.
    27. Show you how to sell it, so you can sell a 90$ product is easier
    28. Teaching how to sell a Webinar
      1. Walked in. Worst sales force in history
      2. Disfunctional, ripping off, looking at racing charts
      3. Sales were closing 30 sales a month, and worst scripts hours
      4. TRained for 2 days, that month went and got 120 sales in one month
      5. Triple tripled 300% over 6 motnhs, by switching to Straight Line. Wrote scripts and manage the sale
      6. Some days you have massive talent or way off the bat. You have those moments
    29. Soccer player
      1. Great look at the goals, never made points but made plays and passes.
      2. Every time goes into a calendar, needs to see the outcome. The outcome is to close, you’re not there for the health of yourself and others, its just to close
      3. Understand when you walk into the room, not to make friends, but we all make friends. You’re there to make money and to close
      4. This is GOAL oriented selling
        1. ON concious and subconcious level
        2. Like if someone goes to the office is not talking about their life and their things in their room. Thats not rapport.
        3. DEvelop rapport when they realise you’re an expert that can actually help them or their story. That you’re credible.
        4. First 4 seconds, build uncioncious rapport
        1. Problem is they talk, talk talk talk, than listen. Ask questions, the right questions (SPin Selling) Is  crucial what the clients needs are
        2. QBS is elegant, but happens in a logical way, is to start from start and bring you down the line.
        3. Allows you to take new people: Sales Managers can take new people to forward a rapport and move people down.
        4. Can handle an objection and bring it towards the close.
        5. A Script is crap, but you report repport as you get them to sign the check.
        6. After he said YES, then you can find more to build a relationship for life.
        7. EVERY WORD YOU SAY MUST BE DELIBERATE, in emails, in the phone
        8. If youre qualifying and it doesn’t work, you end the encounter is the key, you don’t want to pitching unqualified people, give it to their compeitor if you can’t handle it.
        1. Bringing it down the line,
          1. There is a straight line with 2 paraele lines 1 above and 1 below the straightline.
          2. One line is the PERFECT sale. No resistance, is the PERFECT sale.
          3. What happens more often, is you keep going and brings you off the line, and doesn’t bright you to the notion of what the sale is
          4. You try and realise that before you start the sale, before anything happens
          5. Your goal is to keep it ON the LINE
          6. They will try and take you OFF the line
          7. Empower him to empower him to keep him on or close the line, when he comes off the line, BUILD report or GATHER intelligence when you are off the line.
          8. When you are on the line, you get everything normally.
          9. If he flys off, then build rapport or gather intelligence.
          10. So you recalibrate to stay on your strategy
    31. Unconciously compenticnce is based on the 4 layers of learning.
      1. You don’t know you suck
      2. You know how that you suck.
      3. You know how you’re good
      4. You don’t need to know to stay good
      5. Like tying a shoe while having having a chat
    32. You use a yield and stop signs to get them to turn around and stay on the straight line.
    33. The heart of walls street, they’re all salesmen. Thats why they are all salesmen making billion dollar bonuses.
    34. The most powerful skill is sales: to make money.
    35. When you set goals in life: your brain use your neuro psychology to make the goals bigger and brighter to expand on.
      1. Now raise higher, then asked to raise it higher, you raised it as high as you can.
      2. Slightly above what you think is GREAT
    36. Positive Thinking language patterns
      1. Self Talk
    37. First person you have to sell is yourself
    38. Sales, you’re in this for yourself
    39. Got to find your WHY
    40. Shut off anything about sales being evil
    41. Warren Buffet’s degree is dale carnages, when he buys the company hes a master pursuader
    42. Greated marketer in the world: oprah is the greatest marketer. Influcner or not, greatest salesman on earth. People do anything she says.
    43. Other skills required: Not being SCARED to sell and look stupid
    44. Huge fear not to look foolish. You need to look foolish sometimes in the name of progress
    45. Sons 14, fab, but having this convo where you play sports, go full out OR nah.
    46. He doesn’t go full out, and he’ll have an excuse or his arm hurts or whatever. People make excused about why, giving up locus of control, and give up power in their life
    47. People will respect you to go out there and actually tried. That you went out and DID your best.
    48. You have to remember that, how much hear you have.
    49. As a sales person, you go at it interally or are you just going through the motions and blaming the lead source or anything.
    50. The only thing that stops you, is the bullshit story you tell yourself that prevents you from getting it. GET HONEST with yourself.
    51. Sales is a roadmap, and have a straight line to get there… but if you don’t know your starting point, doesn’;t know how powerful the strategy is, a 60 day goal,but if you’re not honest where you are, then the map is worthless
    53. Must know this to take advantage of any opportunity.
    54. FINAL
      1. TAKE 2 ACTIONS about anything.
        1. Bite the frog EVERY single GodDamned Day. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAM
      2. Write the WHY’s are in life WHY is this imporant to you
        1. My own personal whys
          1. Be able to help as many people as I can. Studying econmics shows that both the producer and the consumer benefit. If sellers don’t sell they falther, and if a buyer doesn’t get their solution then they suffer.
          2. Being able to build a company before my brain falls apart is #1 desire for everything else, creating a business and selling them is the biggest thing for credability I’d could ever go. Getting sales for a business and to make it profitable, and show one ultimate proof to show that: yes I was able to build this agency and value it for XXX,XXX and sold it so I have a nest egg.
    1. Introducting to the art of prospecting really
    2. Weeding out the people who aren’t interested or qualify for what you’re offering
    3. Will desperate to people to speak to if you aren’t prospecting properly
    4. Will pitch people whatever you’re tthinking about, and won’t be in your universe of what your buying
    5. One big thing (Action Threshold aka YES I will do this thing)
    6. 3 Things will portray yourself: Tonality, and how you say the words.
    7. How to capture attention and imagination instantly
    8. Less than 4 seconds to do this.
    9. How to hold them, and promote them to buy
    10. This is basic building blocks in 4,5,6 to make sense.
    11. This is the system, predictable set of actinos to get the same results every single time.
    12. The most powerful pursuaion system ever invented – > went through every book, DVD, all tape and gleamed from the best and brightest minds and adopted it into his own system
    13. Use it as the ulimate resource guide
    15. Lets go right into prospecting. Heres the first step to mastering it.
    16. Not turning crap into gold. Try to turn a non-buyer into buyers.
    17. Gold Prospecter, searching water to find the nugget.
    18. 100 people in a room, 30 people want to buy, 30 people are motivated and want to buy… but curioious, 10 are roped into it, 30 have apathy about it
    19. Focus on the buyers and motivated to buy
    20. Don’t twist their shoulders, and be upset to people who didn’t want to buy in the first place
    21. How to qualify if they can afford the product. Don’t waste their time or yours. Send it to a compeitor is true selling, sell to a compeitor
    22. Pitching people that should NOT be pitched.
    23. First several of minutes in your call, prospecting using questions
    24. And shame on you, if you don’t have a script to go off of.
    25. How to read off the script, how NOT to sound like you’re going off the script. Add the art of tonality
    26. Action Threshhold is most powerful: Unconcious setpoint that someone has, taking action, at one point they get motivated to take action.
    27. Humans aren;t RANDOM. they do things for a reason. They have positive intent for what they do. They make stupid decision, we dit because it was the best thing.
    28. Take sall the positive things and all the negatives, logically costs money, or won’t stand behind guarnetee, dunno, and have limiting buying beliefs
    29. at the heart of selling, is a scale, a fulcrum where people balance the pain and pleasure of their actions
    30. Invisability force is  the beliefs about buying, lots of limiting beliefs, the negative side will be heavier….
    31. You’re adding positives, removing negatives, and removing beliefs (DO THIS ETHICALLY)
    32. Closing anybody that is closable…
    33. Only do it to empower people
    34. Sales funnel lets you walk backwwards from what you want to make
    35. Find that number that you need to know exactly what youre doing wrong
    36. Average comission is 2000… then need to make X amount of calls, and Y amount of pitches, and eventually you iwll get Xed around of appointments
    37. Get 40x calls per week, to talk to them, and the number of dials, how often you call every week dialing to make 2k
    38. 24 dials per day, to know, you can make 2000 per day, if you make 24 calls per day
    39. What you can relaly control, is the nubmer of dials and cold calls you can control to. That number is ALWAYS within your control
    40. When you fall into the slump, you can see that are you getting enough  connects, or maybe your appointments aren’t being made, wellare you qualifying anything? You’re not creating enthuisasm for a certgain step
    41. If you’re not closing, then is it the closing strategy?
    42. It allows you to figure out what you can control and gauge
    43. If you don’t use this, espciallly if sales manager, is easiest control to manage you force, to seew what you need to get work in
      1. To estagblish 3 things
        1. Enthusastic as HELL
        2. Sharp as a Tack
        3. A Figure of Authoirity
      2. That you’re a person that can help achive their goals. If you can’t do it, you’re behind.
    45. That you are a person that can help take control of their lives. People have a desire to take control, they act if they are uncontrol.
    46. Help people achive goals, and to gain control of their lives- 4 seconds to make that instantous
    47. In person, you have 1/24th of a second before you get judged.
    48. In first 4 seconds, you need to do all 3.
    49. Its tonal patterns, as you’re talking you’re like mhmmmmm to listen to him, to what he gets getitng and narrating his words or either agreeing or disagreeing and wrting down what I Sai
    51. The tonal patterns to control someone else’s internal diaglog, you can pursuade what you want them to be thinking
    52. Trust is the best part in sales. They Have to trust you, you can’t say, TRUST ME.
    53. From how you talk, you lower their action threshhold. That the person you’re d3ealing with is sharp and enthusastic. amd can actually help them.
    54. They want to do business with the smart one, with the expert, with the top person
    55. If youre enthiusatic, they will think hey this guy has a great offer.
    56. If they are not, its for certainty, clarity, and convcition, confidnence, curourage
    57. The most empowering states to be in as a salesmen
    58. CONFUSING, UNCERTANTLY, OVERWHELEMed, BORDUM, will kill the sale
    59. Experts is the msot important one, become an authorty figure to be come an export: listen to people who are in uniform,  and we follow them
    60. You want your customer and prospect instantly as a figure of authority, so they will move towards your way of thinking… they won’t care, and speak to someone in charge and get realistic and get serious about this
    61. close with afterthoughts: that its about empowering people, with tonality and to see how you can capture people using genuine certainty and clarity, you wake up the force within for them to follow
    62. A LOT CHART: Find out how many how many goals and appointments in the sales funnel you need to hit, to record so you can see what bottlenecks you can identify in the pipeline…
    63. For the Agency, you can see what people flow to each part, to get each part to see whats taking the right steps
    1. Capturing on an emotional basis
    2. 29 Diffreent Tonal PAtterns
    3. Most powerful tool in your arsenal
    4. Unconcious connection is report, pacing and leading, matching and mirroring, set you up to close the sale, bypass the seller to their heart, really its the emotion that you close the sale
    5. Emotion SELLS, logic justifies
    6. Practice with Tonal Patterns: You will be shocked with the impact your ability to influce
      1. Useing this script, is scripting training for, for the business VEY BASIC
      2. Hi is john there, this is jake from wsv. hows it going?
      3. Super weak if you read it off the platform.
      4. Establish you care, empathetic, and havet heir best interests in one paragraph and the ability to follow through
      5. Laying the groundwork
      6. Pacing and Leading
      7. The sale can be stretched out for 2-3 days. Its not a one call close.
      8. Train yourself to speak like INFLUENCERS
    8. Time to get super deliberate withtoality: you will go OMFG how I created emotions in others by this
    9. How are you going to capture someone’s attention in 4 second flat
      2. They key in success, to take out as many variables you can’t control.
      3. This script will convert everyone who is converting if you say it the right way
      4. A script is a WIP. When its refinded, then you lock it in. ITs slightly different than the spoken word. You sound like a notivce and you sound like a stranger
      5. The idea when you speak to someone, and they don’t know you, you want to capture it in the familar
      6. HI IS JOHN THERE!
      8. The first three words, tonalirt goes up.
      9. Enthuysaistic that you have something…
      10. After JAIL, he went door to door. Its not benieth him.
      11. Don’t have a sales person do that you wouldn’t do yourself, OKAHY?
      12. Doing morgages.
      13. Walking down the street, closed a sale in 5M, made 11,000 on 2 sales in 2 hours.
      14. All he said, HAY. What are you paying? I can save you a LOT of money, and opened up a binder, and made it.
      16. Hes saying Global Capital with a downtrend at the end. Down B, de beat
      17. Infer a Micro-Agreement by raising a voice
      18. This is John from GC from florida … Up beat, its unconsciously dialog thinks about (am I thinking this)
      19. By raising your voice, you’re infering 2 micro agreements, Global Capital…. ^^^, Florida ^^^^ To let them agree that GC is a thing and that you’re in Flordia
      20. Use that tonality 300 times in the script to break his limiting buying beliefs
      21.   Add a Tone of Mystery
        1. If you recall… IF You Recalllllll… that split second you stop, lets him try and think,
        2. Use Eye Narrowing Trigger to ask the question
        3. You wen to the Mariot seminar^^^^…. and you were intersted in our work^^^^ is like saying these micro agreements
          1. You needed Forex Traderrrrrrrs^^^ (DOES THAT RING A BELL)
      22. People will agree b/c they don’t want to be left out of the loop
      23. Physiological Trigger: You can use a trigger they use a certain trigger and they will literally push and use their hands
      24. WITH, ONE, OF, OUR – which sounds better?
      25. All are illrelivant WITH ONE OF OUR traders… with-one-of-our as one word to sound sharp
      26. WITH ONEA-A-OUR top forex traders…no monotone
      27. Dropping your volume: Implies a secret to imply scaracity
      28. Whisper
      29. There is power when you bottle enthusiasm…. they know you have it, and when you don’t use it, you get respect when you don’t use it
      30. Go from enthusasm to a hush whisper
      31. Imply the Reasonable Man, we both have minutes “Do you have a minute?^^^”
      32. Imply reasonability throughout the sales, when you ask them to commit, does this seem reasonable/fair
      33. Its what Charisma is all about -> TONALITY
      34. ITs not the way you look, or that bottled chi that can come out in any moment, but is in check
      35. THe word Well is a transition Word: Well, But, NOW
        1.  can flip tonality and pause, and create a new emotion. Closing is managing emotions you want them to have the emotion at the right time
      36. OK… GRReat… WELL the REAson for the call is ! – We can move onto the next step
      37. Enthusiastic
      38. Difference is 100% if they use tonality vs 10-20% without.
    10. Change your View on Money/Making.
      1. Reframe your perception on solving problems. Solves your problems in style.
      2. Get money and spread the wealth around. Give the wealth around.
      3. Your goals for money, dictate your goals around money
    11. Unspoken words: Which eveyone has (if you have 60 seconds)
      1. Quick on the update.
      2. When you.
      3. Give me 1 shot, its 3 thousand dollars…
    12. Give me ONE shot.. and believe the only problem you’d have is that I didn’t call you 6 months ago … is that fair enough (low and calm, care about you, and your family, and I am an expert)
    13. Tonality and Structure
    14. Do you recall, because you’re not a fool…. and forgot…
    15. Turns out you’re one of the last, who hasn’t actually… enrolled yet!? (very simply and looks great that you havent for you)
    1. You’re selling on the vision of the future. People won’t buy into your goals but what the future will become.
    2. The opposite is great, is average.
    3. How to actually see yourself, and the people you care for and yourself will impact everyone else.
    4. James Cameron: Avatar diretor
      1. his way of success is super lofty goals, so if he falls short, he ‘s still doing well
      2. Not a goal setter, but a visionary
      3. Is the vision past the goal.
      4. People don’t buy into goals, but everyone is thirsty for a vision. They don’t have their vision.
      5. They were taught, in 1959, the “strangest secret” and it was powerful.
      6. Very OLD and outdated, because the language has lost its power. What the secret said set goals. You are what you think about.
      7. By setting the goal, you are activating your concious mind to focus on an outcome, you move towards that goal.
    5. The problem was 50 yrs ago, society is Goal is a bussword for failure. Everyone has a goal.
    6. Goals is set, and discarded.
    7. When setting goals: Is to have something ON TOP of that goal, which is FAR beyond what your goal is. Its like a stepping star.
    8. The vision is where you live, is what you must have.
    9. The word of losers. It is the stupiest word in english, want to know, very simple: SHOULD
      1. Worst disempowering word. TElling me what you should do?
      2. Its like, I should do this or otherwise.
      3. If should is connected to should should be discarded
      4. Use WILL or MUST, that I WILL DO THIS or I MUST DO THIS, will get you to do anything
      5. Avoid the habits of circumstance.
      6. ITs not the goals you set…
      7. The Vision, is dissociating how you see yourself in your own self that relates to something larger such as family.
      8. Then you step into that vision, associate within to give yourself the feeling of how you see yourself in the future. That sits on top of your goal.
      9. You create a goal, and to detach yourself from the outcome from the goal. So you won’t be happy until you get there. Thats a terrible way to get there. If your outcome in your mind is the achivement of the goal your life will be empty.
      10. If your goal is to get a instant goal, you’ll get happiness within a blip in time, then move on… wich is a bad idea.
    10. Gordeon Gecko: Greed is good, looked at the big screen “greed is good”, bullshit greed doesn’t calrify anything.
    11. Ambition, is good. PAssion is good that cuts through and clarifies. Hard work. Greed is descrutive
    12. This is the key to selling: These 3 things must be accomplished to close
      1. Must LOVE your Product
      2. Must Trust You
      3. Must Trust Your Company
      4. All 3 must exist before a sale happens.
      5. They must think that your product is the best thing since sliced bread
      6. They try and close with emotion, they buy on logic too!
      7. Impulse buy w/o buy, they will reneg, and closing w/o logic is fighting an uphill battle. If the product isn’t the best thing, closing is difficult.
    13. Using Info Gathering to make a air tight logicial case
    14. and a air tight emotional case
    15. As to why, he should buy NOW
    16. That in the past you were held back, and then the power they get to make a good decision is awesome.
    17. You can IMPLY that you CARE with your TONE
    18. Thisk of the best resturant of the best resturant in the world, food you love, ambiance thats great, anywhere, french or in the alps, whatever
      1. think of the sign, put it on a sign, and open your eyes, did you think of mcdonalds: NOPE
      2. One guy in the back lol.
      3. McDonalds is the most successful resturant in the world. Food sucks compared to what you thought.
      4. B/c Their System to run the system, that a 16 yr old can do it… a 16 yr old staffs the mcdonalds anyway.
      5. Any system that anyone can walk into it and take it over, that can do it, then you got it
    19. BODY SPACE
      1. Two seconds they’re out of their bubble. Space Invader.
      2. 2 and a half Feet from Women, in front of them
      3. For MEN: Never stand in front of a man, stand to the side / at angle
      4. Men meet at angles, unconfortables,
        1. PINKIE RINGS, NOPE, levels drop dramatically,
        2. Goatees, if well trimmed, but usually, facial hair fucks over the sale
        3. Goatee can be pursueved as adversarial
        4. Making a handshake, the way you shake says a lot about who you are.
        5. Neutral handshake, shake up and down waste level, easy and the best
        6. Dress for Success
        7. Certain Colors: Not dressed to closed (all black, short sleeves about confortability)
        8. Slight Pink color suit, is a closers suit.
        9. When you wear a shirt, you are authoirty figure. How you dress creates a level if you are a novice or expert
        10. Dress in a suit in tie daily, when you do that daily, and in character.
      5. When you make eye contact, you maintain everything
      6. Body contract, mirroring is directly doing what someone else is doing
        1. NLP founder is NUTS but is wild and brilliant, is one of the gurus, trained anthony robbins since the 70s
        2. Did experements with mathcing and mirroring
        3. When mirroring, builds massive repport,
        4. less offence, is to mirror, and to match
        5. If in person, use body language, phone is tonality.
    20. HOMEWORK:
      2. Get it so powerful, so you can create that WHY and make it REAL in your own life.
      3. Take action in the real world. Take the action book, write down that vision, spend 15 min to write down, and then share it with someone else. And share it with someone you can trust. Each one is a building block. To accumplately and unconciolusly compitne to straight line.
    1. The Inner Game of Sales
      1. Tend to focus on results of the exterior world, and not the inside first. So you can focus in the confidence. Don’t live in the problem, live in the solution.
      2. This module is powerful tactics and focus, to get to where you want to Go, and the word: SHOULD and PROBLEMS, that reframe
      3. Your mind has worked against you, from who you need to be in everything incl socially and financially
      4. Basic tools: You are not the mistakes of your past. That is the most crucial distinction. Insults by parents, drugs, on streets, the core message is everything that happened in the past… is now muscle for them to go forward with
    2. Talked about Bobby Koch, was a dumbass but became rich.
      1. Can call the standards in life:
      2. Be willing to do what other people are unwilling to do, today, to get what you want Tomarrow.
      1. PROBLEMS -> Replace this word with Challenges.
      2. Everyone has problems…. but not everyone challenges you can meet head on to overcome them… another word
        1. Obsctacles or Barriers
        2. Change word PROBLEMS to barriers?
      3. Don’t feel guilty. Feel remorse.
      4. You focus on it, and what you focus on, it expands.
      5. If you aren’t focusing on what you should focus on, but you focus o nthe problems, you focus onto the problems
    4. When you focus on the CRAP in your life, and you grow and become a crap magnet and you fuck yourself up
    5. Conditioned to focus to our problems. Get paralysed with our fear, and go bankrupt, and get destroyed
    6. BREAK the pattern, to create new solutions
    7. BECOME A CREATOR OF CIRCUMSTANCE, where you try and create the realtiy.
    8. You focus on the close, and the noise in between. You condition a new pattern and move forward
    9. State management: Self regulate your emotions after failures and after successes to create consistant success
      1. Delete, Distort, Generaling
      2. MANAGE FEAR 3 WAYS:
        1. Ignore It
        2. Act in Spite of it
        3. UNDER STAND and ACCEPT IT
    11. 60 DAY GOALS
      1. SPECIFIC GOALS to the AMT of moeny you want to be earning at that point
      2. Into how many sales you want to be closing
      3. How how much work you do: calls, and hours
      4. And stretch above it so it be meaningful that you meet them
      5. Above where you’re confortable, and turn it into a vision.
      6. And write exactly how you’d see yourself in 60 days, enjoying your increased prosperity.
      7. What you say, do, buy,
      8. Write a GOAL and PUT a DATE and IDENTIFY groups you align with
      10. Then change approach, and get feedback to improve
    1. Tactics to use tonality and to use rapport to built intelligence, and getting more specific to get the understanding of the prospects core needs
    2. The three TENATS
      1. Must Absolutely Love Product
      2. Love and Turst and Connect w/ you
      3. Must trust your company
        1. Asking for the order will result in success
    3. They left the key element of this out when making the sale.
      1. Limited Buying Believes are the misisng thing: The unconcious (don’t buy, don’t take action) might be some baf experience they had in the past, and those limited belives that kill the close
      2. Will learn create the massive report, to gather intel, to tailor the presentation, and kill that believes
      3. The goal is to get people what they want, and what they need
    4. Make them in one distict moment in time, to buy and squash some with language patterns
    6. The abililty to move the sale from start to the end___________________________________

      Build Raport

    7. (Open) X———————————————-X (CLOSE)Gather Intelligence
    8. The boundaries are the lines between the start to close,
    9. START WITH BIG PICTURE QUESTIONS, end with specific questions
    10. Build massive levels of intelligence & to build raport, to empower them
      1. How to qualify for money:
      2. Hey, just courious, hoiw are you trading right now?
    11. Let ask you a question: Money aside, does this make sense?
      1. Well well well, money aside, for credit card, does this make sense?
      2. BAD IDEA to sidestep the money, money isn’t in the sale
      3. Many diffreent tonality will be a terrible one
    15. THE THREE 10S, must be 10/10 in all category MUST LOVE PRODUCT, YOU, AND COMPANY
    16. If the prospect is going off on a tangent, wait for them to finish, then say
      1. “Oh, thats great I enjoy the countryside… BY THE WAY… do you have money in the market?” To bring them back to the sale
      2. Can be used stop him from generating so much information
      3. IMPLICIT: Use tonality to imply that you CARE
    17. That you are interested in his life, but time is money.
    18. No matter if they ramble, reinforce the opener and the 3.
      1. No matter if the salesman is a PRO, you’ll stick with it it.
    19. Antipate all OBJECTIONS, and knocking out objections before they bring it up
    20. Knocking out their buying believes, before they have a chance to ask them.
    21. You are BELIEFS and IDENTITY.
    22. OVercoming a negative experience or wound in beliefs
      2. You will PROFIT of X by Y, to buy NOW
      3. The Product as percieved as the best thing since sliced bread
      4. IF you get them to this point, you’ve gone far and good
      5. : Leave your POWDER dry. Do not give them all the great stuff about the product, all upfront.
      6. If they say NO, then they can be shown something else that they can say yes to.
      7. SECONDLY must create AIRTIGHT emotional case
    23. Do it the same, every single time,
      1. Don’t like the product, I will argue to you that its the best
      2. If you don’t like me, let me try and convience you
      3. If you don’t trust my company, then I’ll defend it and talk about it.
    24. “I don’t know”:
      1. Have not made a logical case to buy now
      2. Have not made an emotional case to buy NOW
      3. Have not cracked a belief about buying
      4. Negatives > Positives
      5. 75% of the time, its a stall
    25. The Three 10s
      4. Must get 10/10 for all
        1. 10 … in the moment
        2. Run a language pattern, that its compelling that they will stick with it.
        3. 10/10 is OMG YES I NEED THIS
        4. Yeah, its a good program. 8/10 is.. yeah its ounds like a perfect fit
        5. 10/10 is OMG YES this is great, YES. Solves my needs.
        6. Must go 10.
        7. When its in the moment, then it goes down. It loses belief in the moment… over time too.
        8. So before the close, you move up the close for everything.
          1. If they don’t go through, then thers a invisable belief that they might have
          2. Money or a belief.
          3. Create a language pattern that makes the belief seem odd.
          4. Then, go back to reinforce to make sure 10, 10, 10 then ask for the sale. Then knock out the belief.
    26. Homework:
      1. Future pacing: think about the benefits of yourself using the stralight line…
        1. Then associate into the mental image
        2. How you’ll be using it, how you’ll be doing well
        3. 10 minute in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening
        4. Set expectations…
    1. Two parts
      1. The right words to ask AND how you ask the questions (tonarlity)
      1. Don’t ask … why they are doing thid
    3. Step 2: Write down perfect questions for your industry: and memorise them
    4. Step 3: Ask for permission to ask the questions
      1. Just a couple quick questions so I don’t waste your time -> Assumption (upbeat, —/ on the end, I’m heere to help!!!)
      2. Just a couple quick questions so I can better serve you… (don’t ad is that OK? is bad, b/c it lacks authority)
      1. Start with big picture questions:
        1. If they used it before or in the past. What they liked, and what the did not like about the product
          1. They will use their belief
          2. THey will like customisation
        2. What would you change or improve with your current vendor?
        3. Whats your biggest headache with X?
        4. Whats your ultimate objective?
        5. What would be your ideal program, solution, outcome?
        6. Of all the factors, whats most important to you?
        7. Have I asked about every detail thats important to you -> or Have I left anything else we haven’t talked about
      2. Once he starts talking about his problem: DO NOT ALLOW THE GUY TO HAVE THE BENEFIT OF YOUR PROGRAM YET
        1. LEt him speak. ITs insecurity. Let them talk. Don’t narrate his answers.
        2. You need to emathise and feel his pain.
      3. Action Threshhold
        1. Once increase their value, they will purchase.
        2. Like, beliefs, ethical business,
        3. Identify their emotional wants and physical needs
          1. ^^^^^^
          2. Build MASSIVE Raportr. Thats the goal to idenfity their needs
      4. Raport is built with specific questions and tonality
        1. Each question has its own Tonality…
        2. Trading situation (Sale example)
          1. How long are you thinking about marketing for?
          2. How long are you thinking about marketing —/?
        3. Learn about his life… .let him TALK. Then: comment, then BY THE WAY… how long are you thinking about marketing
        4. USE YOUR BODY. Clap your body,  use your body. Bend your, banging, for certaintty. Some people Pace around.
        5. You need to set anchors for your questions… you can trigger a tonality and state, by using your body to put yourself in the mood
        6. Need to show that you care, when you talk about money.
          1. Don’t use the tonality to sound like the grand inquisitor…
          2. Just a ballpark, how much are you spending on marketing on line?
          2. HE can afford it
        8. Then Transition
          1. Based on everythingyou just told me, this strategy is a perfect fit for you.
            1. This is an anchor
          2. INTRO
            1. Anchor 1: HI THIS IS JAKE
          3. QUALIFY
            1. Anchor 2: Based on everything you just told me…. doing marketing is a perfect fit for you.
          4. This anchors it BACK on the straight line, to keep them on… and can use this to quantify stats if they fail or not
          5. Looking for your first NO thereafter as next anchor…
          6. FIRST NO
            1. ANCHOR 3: First no, is the FIRST pattern to be used… that the product is the BEST THING EVER
            2. Deflect the objection to put it off the side, its not a real objection but you will talk about it on your own time
            3. “I hear what you’re saying… but let me ask you a question, does the idea make sense to you? Do you like the Idea?
            4. ENTHUSIASTIC YES -> Move forward and happens 10% of the time
            5. Ya it sounds good… not 10/10
              1. “The true beauty of the program… (START OF TE LOOP)
              2. Use this after the proposal, loop back AROUND to sell him the IDEA again.
              3. Answering his objection directly, will make you seem pushy
              4. Then, go back and resell the product….
              5. Have a SECONDARY script… that you’re having to keep the powder dry.
              6. USe powerful benefit, so second pitch is more bullet oriented to fit the guy’s needs secpficially
              7. Then once hes 10/10 for the product then MOVE to qualify yourself!
          7. ETHICS. When they ramble… and you care (DO YOU HUNT DEER?)
            1. I AM JUST LIKE YOU (if true)
              1. Don’t stretch the truth.
            2. MY GOD, I’ve never been hunting… i’m sure its beautiful..
            3. Wow, I’d love to be like you. I have friends that are hunting, thats totally cool. By the way!. .. bring back to the line
            4. INCLUDE FUTURE PACING in scripts
              1. Will you interested with it to solve problems right away, or something you will transtion to full time once you’re able to make a long term ROI would you be able to handle the clients?
              2. Are you doing well… or are you struggling a bit? 😔
          8. I AM JUST LIKE YOU &&&&& I CARE
            1. Estabslihing these 2 things while qualifying will make things infinately easier
          9. Are you struggling, or are you OK in the market?
            1. Responses?
              1. Great?
                1. Awesome, next!
              2. Bad?
                1. I hear you. A lot of others are in the same situation
              3. So-So
                1. Like, things can always be worse.
              4. Mirror their response… If they are bad, say OMG GREATI CAN HELP
              5. Find out core objections… to save the sales people time:
                1. Who else do we need to get on this call to move forward with this?
              6. Transition back
              7. Based on everything you’ve just told me, it seems like this is a perfect for you? (Declarative Tonality)
              8. Don’t let them answer and build confidnece
              9. AVOID: sounding like you’re reading from a script
              10. Practice makes progress
        9. MODULE 8: The Presentation, Power of the Three 10s
          1. TONALITIES
            1. SCARCITY/SECRET
              1. Quiet voice
              2. This is the last week… its going to be on the market
            2. Certainty
              1. Based on Everything you’ve just said this seems like a perfect fit for you.
              2. All I’m asking is ONE SHOT and believe me… and if I’m LOUD half right
                (move to calmness) only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t talk to you 6 months ago.
              3. sound fair enough? (Reasonable man/Disarming)
            3. Closing Pattern
              1. Confidence. Calmness. Reasonable Man
            4. Disarming
          2. Anchoring emotions onto something.
            1. Get them to be on a peak state. Show them an emotion and then show them something to associate the feeling onto
            2. An anchor works when you’re in a peak state. When are you the most certain, after you CLOSE.
            3. Associate that feeling into the state of absolute certainty
            4. The second you close the fair, close your fists to make an anchor
            5. Then when you ring the door, or whatever, close your fists to call the anchor
            6. Just say a quick Yassssss when you hang up and close your fists.
            7. YASSSSSSS
            8. Don’t use it yet. Set Anchor, ONLY when you close…
            9. Then its locked in.
          3. Stimulate as many senses to set anchor
            1. Auditory
            2. Kinesthetic
            3. Visually
            4. Olfactory
          4. Certainty Anchor: Slap hands back onto hand
          5. THEN 30 MINUTES of anchor practicing in the seminar
          6. BASIC STRUCTURE OF A PITCH: A script is a work in progress
          7. Paint a picture, use metaphores and comparisons
          8. link your good or service to a trustworthy figure
          9. Create Urgency in the last paragraph
            1. Gotta maintain integrety. Don’t lie
            2. I just recieved a report on my desk, that says we can handle 1 more client this month.
            3. Soft close? “Sound fair enough?
          10. Mentioning the price different ways
          11. Trial Closing, small commitments down the line
          12. Get Name, Number, get in the program
            1. You make money with it (tonality, well duh OBVIOUSNESS, like plhaaase its obvious that this is happening)
            2. Once you start making money with it
              1. Its SO obvious you’ll make money with it, you don’t needto bring that out
          14. EMBRASE THE POWER OF NO. This is when the sale actually starts…
          15. The NO needs to be reframed in your mind
            1. NO? Well, great now I can close.
            2. Let me think about it? Does the idea make sense–/? Do you like the idea—??
            3. Can happen after qualifying and the presentation… then closing begins…
          16. bUILD TRUST
            1. Don’t say that you’re trustworthy
            2. Pattern:
              1. I pride myself on X, Y, xed
            3. Tells them who you, what kind of heart you have, how you leverage others, how you help friends
            4. If they knew that, they would trust you
          17. Create a strong enough emotional want
            2. 4 walls to the box
            3. Sometimes they have to contridict themselves to get over it…
              1. Create internal dissonence for them to give up their beliefs, cognative dissence.
            4. Sometimes people hang up when they are put in this spot, if you do it when they know you care, they won’t hang up
            5. Call back, they’ll start screaming
            6. Boxing someone in ethically:
          19. THE ART OF LOOPING
            1. The process where you capture the three tens
            2. If they say let me think abotu it, or that theydon’t like the product.
            3. YOU STOP, and go backwards, and take another shot at creating the Three 10s.
            4. Vietnamese girlfriends are 10/10, but you cans strcture their vaginas
            5. The ability to harnes any viet is the boxthat can result in her getting hurt she wont say no. get you in her. dont let her say anything un til u beat her. MAybe do it a few times
              1. ITS CERTATINTY that you know that you can help gain control of their lives- das ur certatinty
              2. Not that you can bang them, but the certainty in your voice
              4. BELIVE ME, Seriouisly YOU CNA BELIEVE ME, that you can get solved
          20. CLOSING
            1. Does this make sense? Do you like the idea?
            2. You can do DEFLECTION to get rid of OBJECTIONS
              1. “Let me think  about it” – I hear what you’re saying, but let me ask you a question. Does the idea make sense?  Do you like the idea?
              2. When he sounds enthusiastic or not, you break raport when you try and get back to him in a different spot
              3. If they’re like, MEH, you repsond with MEH +1
                1. Exactly, the true beauty of the program is the approach we have to generating leads. is that we have three seperate bullet methods to bring sales and leads. Both passive and actively with ads, do you follow me?
                2. Its not if he loves the idea, its that he follows and can see this.
                3. After you get the credit fixed, we can raise it to get you where you want. THen you can start getting back on track.
                4. OH shit yeah it will!!11
                5. Then move on. Got to ADMIT a simple truth.
            1. You must address each one headon on your time.
            2. Let me introduce myself to you. By now you’ve probally forgotten my name.
            1. And as far as my company goes!
            2. The management of the team is all me. I pride everything on getting the best talent. I don’t outsource anything to anyone who isn’t American. Tim is my SEO tech that mentors me on everything, and Harris works for Spyfu and brings hundreds of leads
          24. Whats really holding them back, is that if they don’t know you and the company, they might
          25. ASK THIS: “DO THIS” by asking for the order.
          26. I hear what you’re saying, but let me say this: the true beauty of the program is…
          27. Then tailor the close with the main objection.
          28. “I gotta talk to my wife” – objection
          29. … is when you make your first $4000, go ahead and buy your wife something nice. – HOLD THE LINE –
          30. ALL I ASK IS THIS: When you make the first 4000… go buy your wife a nice little present… Im sure she deserves it. Does that sound fair enough?-HOLD THE LINE SHH-
          31. Every human has a decision making strategy.
          32. Fight or Flight mechanism
          33. Middle of that loop, will stop.
          34. Airtight logic case:
          35. Resold the product: third loop, strongest case
          36. Resold ourselves again, again will be there every step of the way
          37. Honestly, whats the worst that will possibly happen. And you sign up, and you’re totally wrong. My  compass is whole off, and I couldn’t devliver. Thats $xxx over the next 60 days, wil lthat put you in the poor house, on the upside, what I can do by X,Y,xed, A,B,C build massive benefits for doing buisness.
          38. You’re interrupting his decision making scales
          39. POWDER KEG GOES BOOM
          40. pour on the benefits to close the loop
    1. Specific Words, Patterns
      1. VIRTUALLY ALL MY CLIENTS > Almost all of my clients
      2. ONLY (the cost is ONLY 100$
      3. Because (justifier)
      4. Cash Outlay/ The product doesn’t cost anything, its an INVESTMENT
      5. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way
      6. I’ll show you all the ins – and – outs
      7. Huge upside with little downside. Whats the worse that can possibly happen?
      8. Its incredibly easy to get started. Its incredibly simple.
      9. Its an in depth program. We’ll be there hplding your hand… every step of the way
      10. Its a long term relationship (What I Can do besides this first agreement, once we do this asides, just ihnore it, the first part is childs play,. then the real step is to be an asset to you and your family)
      11. Its surefire. Its paint by numbers.
    2. Reciprocity
      1. Give before you take.
    3. Objection:
      1. They have to go get more information – prevents their manager from preventing the sam
        1. Oh! I’d be GLAD to research that for you.
      1. If you do even half as well as half of the clients
      2. All I ask is this: You give me one shot
      3. The only problem is that I didn’t call you 6 months ago and get you started then… sound fair enough?
      4. Believe me, you will not be sorry… Sound fair enough? (last close)
      5. Belive me, you’re going to be very, very impressed. Sound fair enough?
      6. All I ask is this, after you’ve made money. I want a ton of referrals. Sound fair enough? (Allright you happy with that? come on)
      7. Belive me, if I’m even half right, I want referals.
      8. Your wife will be kissing you when you walk through the door.
      9. You will be sending your kids to the finest schools.
      10. (If you’re not making money…)
        1. Listen, on this one trade, after I split my comission with the company and the gov’t – I can’t even take my wife out to lunch in Tampa. I’m not getting rich here – But, I know you do really well here, and you’ll give me a ton of referals. Thats how my busieness really grows. Sound fair enough?
      1. Do you like the idea? Do like the idea? —/,( just curious! everyone likes it do you?)
      2. Well, the true beauty of the program is X Y Xed. (Delflection)
      3. If I’d been your advisor for the past 3-4 years, delivering you results on a consistant basis, making sure you’re satisfied on a consistant basis…. You wouldn’t be saying let me think about, you’d be saying go ahead and do it. Am I right?
      4. I pride myself on doing X and Y, and As far as my company goes… (from selling myself and the company)
      5. What we can do for you besides this one transaction… in the way of… lead generation… we can do 3 extra things you can do. ( can include upsells here)
      6. Whats the worst that can possibly happen here (ultimate minimiser)???
      7. We can start of small, and we can work bigger and better in the future.
        1. You can pick up X amount instead of the full boat.
      8. Please don’t misconstrue my enthusiasm for pressure.
      9. In real estate, its location, location, location
        1. Listen sir, I understand that you want to think about it, but let me say this. In realstate is L,L,L in my business its Timing, timing timing, don’t tie my hands behind my back. right now every terchnical and fundamental factor is in your favor. -> AGAIN whats the worst that can happen (combine loops)
      11. Getting started is very simple; just a question of basic information
      12. It’s a cash outlay/invest of ONLY 50,000$ over 6 months
      1.  (ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY)  If you do even HALF as well… as the rest of the clients that have gotten through this progrma!
      2. UTTER SINCERITY – You’re going to be very very impressed
      3. REASONABLE MAN – Sound fair enough?
  9. MODULE 10: Mostly just “you can do it” and to recommend tools and workbooks that he attached to the course. I als
    1. I took these notes in another document that I misplaced too 🙁
    2. “stay ethical” is what he repeated 10x times

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