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The Short Guide To Low-Risk Crypto Trading

Posted on Oct 28, 2017 by in Blog, Personal Development | 0 comments

The Definite Guide To Low-Risk Crypto Trading

There are two major things for investing. I took notes from a generic Crypto trading course, and this is a set of resources for further research for your end. Consider looking into Elliot Wave Principals,  laddering into and out of an asset, and while my focus has been more on analytical investing if theres anything here you don’t get, google it right away. But heres a short guide to low-risk crypto trading.

  • Analytical investing
    • 20 Screens of graphs
    • 2 main types:
      • Day trading,
        • within minutes usually
      • swing trading
        • sell a few days later
  • Fundamental
    • warren buffet, old school, you research into their reports and you know their bottom line and you know their compeitors
    • Recomended
      • Income statement,
      • Balence Statements
      • Cash Flow Reports,
      • 10Qs 10k
  • Supports and resistance finds
    • These occolations are just patterns, watch the peaks and the valleys, can see where in the future, just off the last two peaks
    • Top line is peak, bottom is resistance,
    • Traders plot lines, if it crosses either lines, is a breakout, they buy at that point, and will ride the wave to the new resistance line
  • Reasons it goes up: Lots of research, larger investors might be interested
    • Day traders pick this up using scanners, like cruise ships moving ships, making lots of waves.
    • Day traders are on jet skis, that ride the waves
    • Daytraders need to care about:
      • volume
        • total number of stocks being sold, that you can get, as a trader
      • float
        • how much risk and reward
      • ie 10 million shares floating, then stock goes up, then 10% of the stock is going up…
      • If a million shares moving in a day, thats 1% of their stock in a day, so its not really fluctuating
      • Low float, high volume
  • Research and understand:
    • Scanning
      • Premarking Scanning
        • Software, costs money, using TD Sink or Swim, 50$ and start a brokerage w/ TD Ameritrade
        • gap screening, analysing the diference in trades
        • momenting screening, aka the resistance line
      • Patterns:
        • Bull Flag
        • Bear Flag
        • Flat Top Breakout
        • 1234 Pattern
        • Micro 1 Minute Pullback
        • Red To Green Move
        • Open Range Breakout
        • Cup and Handle
        • Ascending Triangle
        • Triple Bottom
        • Descending Triangle
        • Inverse Head and Shoulders
        • Bulling Symmertric Triangle
        • Round Bottom
        • Double Top
        • Bearish Symetric Triangle
        • Falling Wedge
        • Head and Shoulders
  • Anaylsis
    • Ichimoku
    • Candlesticks, Volume measurments

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