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7-figure Agency Blueprint Summary Notes

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I wish I took this approach earlier, but by picking a niche instead of focusing on all niches within a geographical nice you can grow a marketing business much faster by becoming authority in your niche…
Theres 8 module bits in this course I took called the 7-figure agency blueprint which I’m reviewing. It covers 4 major questions:
Why choosing a vertical market/niche is the most effective parth
How to choose your niche so you can stop thinking about it and start doing it
How to establish yourself as the expert in that vertical… so people are ready to buy

How to qualify Leads constantly to build the agency

So forgive my spelling on my notes, but its a mas

  1. Intro
    1. Focused on Plumbing and HVAC… end of the year got 29k in recurring revenues… end of 2012, 69k recurirng, now doing 175k recurring, now doing 2M per year by staying within the niche…
  2. Why is this important
    1. People cold call constantly, thats stupid
    2. Market saturation, people are immune to prospecting attempts…
    3. Hundreds of people making calls for sales.. so people just don’t care to talk
    4. cold call conversions at an all time low
    5. “hey, I’m in your backyard trying to help you out get more sales”
      1. well, allright
    7. If you’re a business owner, constulant, or agency  —  this course is lit, fam.
    8. Tired of cold calling? (me? no no)
    9. No churn and burn sales…
    10. No get rich quick or work from homes…
    11. No, do nothing, get paid people
    12. Not typical results:
      1. People ARENT doing 10-20k per month…
  3. His History
    1. He ran a web design agency for two years
      1. You don’t make money in the first 2 years …
      2. So its OK to make 0$… high expenses
      3. Could have gotten a job, and gotten 30,000$/yr and gotten 30,000$/yr…
      4. Business partner and I had to fold
      5. Took a loan from dad, and folded. Sorry papa.
      6. Went into Corporate Sales… cut his teeth in sales.
      7. Always wanted to getting back into marketing company
      8. So started selling to EVERYONE
      9. Picked a vertical, and started getting some traction
      10. DOUGHNUTS!!!
      11. Plumber SEO… complete guide to plumbing contractors…
      12. Thats when they started to see momentum… and positioned to grow
      13. 15 dental clients within 7 months… focusing on the niche.
      14. Put proactive multi-channel marketing to bring leads in
  4. Why Choose a Niche?
    1. Everyone wants to work with the expert
    2. They’ll ask for someone that has experience in their business
    3. Its easier to sell and close business
    4. Its easier to fulfill
    5. You can be really good at getting results for the industry
    6. Its the fastest and easiest way to accelerate the growth of your agency
    7. Do they clump together? No one identifies as a larger scope…
    8. Plumbers… white paper on marketing for plumbings.. we were magnetically attractive
      1. White papers?
        1. Contractor white paper?
      2. Wrote a contractor white paper, will blow up…
      3. But it was attractive to none, no one idenfitied as a ‘contractor’
      4. As a roofer, plumber, as a home restoration.
      5. And self identify
    9. Do they have the propensity to invest in marketing
      1. can they handle marketing? Do they spend it on marketing?
      2. check the yellow pages
      3. big ads = has history of spending
    10. Is there an industry associate or association
      1. ADA – dentists, join the association for credibility
      2. And show up at the events
      3. To speak at events… or to have a booth at converntions
    11. Periodic events? do they have local chapters?
  5. Develop your positioning
    1. Positioning to find your position in the industry
    2. Keynote Presentation
      1. Powerpoint presentation
      2. Can show to a few people in that space
      3. “as a dentist, this is what you can do to get more business for  your practice”
      4. Emails, reviews requests, facebook, dental history… lead in, bring in leads via what people WANT at a low expense to you or to have it be done by a hygenist… like teeth whitening
      5. 10-20 page guide…
        1. Top 7 things you need to be doing
        2. Use it at lead bait, or lead magenet
        3. Get in front of everything, can offer them something aka a guide on how to get more patients
        4. CASE STUDY + Testimonials (DOUGHNUTS)
        5. Website, with great content
        6. Video based training, webinar
        7. White Paper / Guide
        8. Your Book
  6. Why Write The Book?
    1. Instant Expert Status
      1. Major Differentiation.
    2. Get More Speaking Opportunities = Even More Expert Status
    3. Advantage Mdia: 10k to 15k…
      1. No cost publishing option:
      2. Create Space… Upload the cover, pay on-demand as books are purchased
      3. Free ISBN and Book is on
      4. Publish for costs, 2.50-3$ for the book, and have a physical book to hand at events, or send to prospects that really position you
      5. No minimum orders
    4. You have the knowledge in your head…
      1. Casting words… transcribed
      2. A one hour webinar
      3. Start n outline, write and talk, an hour long webinar is 60-70 pages, add an images and checklist… and need to fluff it out, to be 100-120 pages to be a real book.
      4. Make graphics to make a book
  7. Implementing your marketing strategy…
    1. Lead Capture
      1. SEO, lead capture
      2. PPC, Social media
      3. Email Marketing
      4. Stratigic Cold call
      5. Industry Trade Shows…
      6. Walk away with a couple new clients… and pretty effective
      7. Speaking Engagements at trade shows (is fully positioned)
      8. Direct Mail, can strategically select can choose who to work with
        1. Touch 1, hand written manilla envolope
        2. Heres a copy of our book, has a dvd with proof, and send it to ther other 12 guys and only working with 1, well do it, call us, or we’ll work with a compeitor.
        3. Ready To Move
        4. Follow up, “rush envolope”
          1. Keynote presentation in a DVD
        5. Third, moneybag, with a DVD, will close out denvor market, enclosed DVD will include entire program… if don’t lock out, need to take, fill out app and call back
        6. That marketing mix, is helping to 2M
  8. Talks about the cost
    1. WSI Francise = 50k+ royalties
    2. AIS Media, 12k + training costs
    3. Similar unproved training programs, 5k to 7.5k
    4. 2,599 or 3×999
  1. MODULE 1
    1. Why choosing a niche is important and how to choose yours… how to VET the niche
    2. Can never get ‘really good’ at providing the service
      1. Monthly fee at 1k+
      2. Auto bill, no chase
      3. Complete solution, no piecemeal steal
    3. Tools you need
      1. RingCentral
        1. 10$ per month
      2. Screenflow -99$
      3. Snagit
      4. Theres a whole lot of other extra add-ons…
      5. They used Hostgator and hosting 100 clients on one 24$ shared hosting… sad 😔
    4. How to research niches.. lists of niches
    5. Service Offering
  2. MODULE 2
    1. What you’re selling in the niche, and walk through the service officering and pricing
      1. Maybe you found us through our book, or saw our case studies that gets us tons of feedback
      2. thats what this videos for, its not an educational video, what we’ll do as a company, to take it furher
      3. improve sales, enhanse your online repuation
      4. drive more calls, leads and profits
      5. increase overall folks in the door
      6. starts with website
      7. Pretty good keynote speech…
      8. a lot of self talk
  3. MODULE 3
    1. How to position yourself in your niche. BEEFY module
    2. Setting up, positing, designing the site
    3. Key Positioning Assets
      1. Niche Specific Website
      2. Niche Specific Presentation
      3. Niche Specific White Paper / Guide
      4. White Paper download email sequence
      5. Niche Specific TRaining Webinar
      6. Social Media
        1. FB, Twitter, Google, YT channel
      7. Implentatyion Guide Hero Shot
      8. (Side Bar Graphic + Click here to download the guide
    4. Website
      1. Home, welcome video and guide
      2. About us
      3. Our services
      4. How to get your niche company ranked on google map
      5. how to get your niche company ranked in the organic listings
      6. how to leverage social media in a niche specific ompany
      7. case studies/proof
      8. Case examples
      9. contactus
    5. Implentation Video to literally copy the transcript
      1. Pretty juicy 30 minute video and audit
    6. Implemtnation Guide
      1. How to setup their website
      2. How to optimise their wbesite
      3. What Keywords to target
      4. How to get ranked on the google map
      5. How to claim their map listing
      6. how to optimise their map listing
      7. what citations to get
      8. how to get lots of great reviews
      9. how to optimise the content on their site
      10. how to build inbound links
      11. how to leverage email marketing
      12. how to leverage social media
      13. CALL TOACTION, for complete assessment, do the due dilligence, to see the entire bit, and get keyword list, and where theres room for improvement, and see where we can go, on and off page factors
      14. As an expert, they know you’re expelling time and energy… so you have the value
      15. OPT IN FORM
        1. Thank you page… don’t give them the guide. Most people will p
  4. MODULE 4
    1. Getting your first customer & developing your cast study / testimonial
  5. MODULE 5
    1. how to fulfill your services and get the job done right
  6. MODULE 6
    1. Enhansing your authority positioning through authorship
    2. During the session will walk step by step to createspace using the content using your keynote and webinars
      1. Putting a book on createspace (amaons print on demand)
      2. Not really revolutionary.
      3. Press release,
        1. For books
        2. Get at least 5 reviews on Amson
        3. Give away 100 books…
        4. (How about reddit?)
        5. This guy.. .eh
        6. This book is now your business card
  7. MODULE 7
    1. Putting your marketing strategy in place to attract ready buyers in your niche
  8. MODULE 8
    1. Customer Service & account management strategies for keeping your client loyal and engaged
    2. They will hear a persieved ignorance as why they leave… keeping a person on their account and talking to them is what it takes to keep them

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