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Ben Adkins Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass Summary Notes

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Within was six major parts. The best value is from within the mastermind facebook group.  I took Ben Adkins’s Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass. Its a incredible way to approach things as a sales person for an agency. I went out with a colleague to drop 10x doughtnuts. Dentists are incredibly saturated with these sort of sales tactics, but hey, at least they enjoyed the doughnuts.

Apply these for any small business, and you can get into their network. You give, and give, and give, before you are able to provide the good that you can do. This is 100% exactly what I provide as part of my marketing product at my small business home restoration marketing agency. Enjoy.

  • Fearless ADLAB
    • Ad Marketing Mastermind
      • Foundation of An Amasing Ad
      • Professional Ad Targeting
      • Pixels: Explained
  • Dental Marketing Master Class
    • Power Start C all
    • Your First 35 Days Getting Client 1
    • Days 30-60, Scaling Up
  • Facebook Group
    • How to sell houses with FB, Funnel Bucketing, MAssage Clients with FB, Gym Marketing
  • The Boosted Post System
  • Boosting Ads, Targeting, and Budgets
  • The Evil Traffic Magician
    • lol nothing here
  • Video Ad Blueprint
    • Facebook video ads
    • How to measure ads
This is for the Dental Marketing Master Class for Agencies
  1. Power Start Call
    1. Summary
      1. 1:40 hours of knawledge
      2. Go through everything,
      3. “There is a direct correlation between people active in our group, are the people making the checks. They’re making the connections, the information, and the feedback to get clients”
    2. How many of you are entrepreneurs or wantepreprenut
      1. want, going through motions but no success that makes you feel like true entreprenur
      2. find 10 people, that are doing things that don’t matter a tall.. keep them selves busy with things they invented that keep them busy w/o success
        1. People will talk to me about retargeting…
      3. Wantpreneurs comes up with sidetrack tasks, to keep them doing the 1 task that is effective (aka sales)
      4. Will be the task you will dance around, you will avoid b/c you don’t have exerpence… so you do everything else
      5. The Wantrepenreur will divert from the One Task
        1. that completely changes people, how people are going through, etc
        2. is it pitching? no. not pitching and building a funnel, won’t change you.
        3. Fast Path to Client Number 1:
        4. Going down and giving doughnuts to clients.
      6. The Wantrepeneur plans way too far ahead…
        1. Stick, and follow the money
    3. Fast Path: Going down, and buying doughnuts, buying doughnuts, whatever, walking through, puttign the note on top of the stuff… and walking out, never needing to pitch. Fundamental game changer in your brain.
    4. Number 1 mistake you’ll make that will keep you from getting client number 1
      1. 1500 + ad spend
      2. 50 Doughnut Drops, 6 clients after
        1. multiple communities
        2. more than one practice within their network (referalls)
      3. Every 6 Drop off, get one client.
        1. Make sure you make a list, and be strategic… making sure they meet the goals
        2. And hand write out the note
          1. Hey, my name is Jake Goss, and I run a facebook marketing company in Minneapolis. I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. Enjoy the cookies, doughnuts, etc”
        3. Remember EVERYONE you spoke to
      5. 12 doughnuts. x12…
      7. Don’t even give them a hint about why we’re doing this, deliver, and head out.
      8. (Setting yourself apart as ‘different’)… and be different, and setting the tone.
      9. (Maybe even follow up with a letter asking to meet for a free workshop for ranking)
      10. They say thanks,
      11. Psychology
        1. Law of recprocity
        2. Giveing Food to people, makes them like you.
        3. First move, to give, sets the tone
        4. Doing the Action, Gives you the Power
        5. Don’t even sell. Not even if they close, just ask for their help.
      12. Walking through the script once you do get an appointment to meet with them
      1. Appointment Script
        1. Super easy, show them the page, we run a targeted ad to this page.
        2. “I have a friend from Arkensas that has been killing it driving leads to Dental Offices, so I’m looking for a great Dental office to test the concept here.
        3. Show landing page, suggest we drive traffic to it
    6. Trial, putting money down, clickfunnels, import funnels, connect videos and setup… technical bits… base facebook page, custom domain, etc etc
    7. “I need some help…”
      1. Testing your marketing system for them, with all this stuff.
    8. timing your why (x2) and locking it in
      1. The two most important days in your life, are the day you are born, and they day you find out WHY
      2. specific, dollar amount, or whatever
      3. Nonselfish Why: You taking care of family, or whatever, important to people around you
        1. putting aside dedicated 10k for family and herc for the future each month to cover future bumps in the road, nursing, shocks to finances,
      4. Selfish Why: 1000$ in Better Threads and a starter motocycle.
        1. Helps to motivate you to success
    9. ways we reward momentum
      1. If you post picture or video of yourself delivering “ice breakers” at the office… you get into the list to get cool stuff sent your way (we’ll send random stuff, like cash sent your way
      2. Bonus $100 for your first  #trialtaken (with proof)
      3. You get a Bonus for your first #closeddeal (limited deal)
      4. You get more of my attention when you post a #clientresultsconfirmed
    10. what you might be afraid of (bullshit excuse but ok)
      1. Forget all the ad training, follow what he taught you. Start a new.
      2. The great equaliser of power:
  1. The Dental Marketing Master Class (Part One)
    1. Intro
      1. First Client in 35 Days (900$ in profit)… 5 clients in 60 days (4.5k)… 10 clients in 90 days (9k per month)
        1. Making a busienss from a coffeeshop… should not be a ‘ball and chain’
        2. Shouldn’t be an issue for me, personally, but eh whatever
      2. Why Dentists In The First Place
        1. Dentists fit a few things, that make it ideal for what we do.
        2. Alpha Ideal Clients:
          1. Dental School Takes Work and Passion
          2. Mosty Dentists want to be Dentists… not Marketeres for their Practice
          3. The Right Kind of dentist is used to spending money on their practice evolution
            1. more ‘evolved’ and understanding of the internet
          4. Their client LTV is high. Average Dental Patient is around 8000$ LTV.
          5. There are almost 200,000 dentists in the US
          6. 3.3k Dentists in Minnesota
      3. How To Find The Ideal Dentists To Work With
        1. 35 to 44 years old… not too old to stick with older tech and not too young to not be established
        2. 99% will be filtered out
          1. Are they members of their local chamber of commerce?
            1. Do you spend money to be a part of the local chamber of commerce
              1. Yes
              2. You need marketing experience to join
              3. They are ideally supporting other local businesses and the community… it builds their own!
          2. Advertising with Google
          3. Have a website
          4. Have an Active and Responsive Facebook Page
            1. They have a page, and posting and answer messages from the page
          5. Have Good Ratings Online
            1. google and facebook
        3. If you see this, its good:
          1. “Patient Dental History” on their forms.
          2. If you can download their intake form fro mtheir website… then they know what they’re doing… and its an ideal client
          3. Aka, they are segmenting this intake form, the office already knows how to upsell them
          4. Are you intereted in improving your smile, whiting teeth, missing teeeth, fillings or dental tratements for unhappyness, bleeding gums, flossing trouble , teeth or gums, difficult extraction in past, had proglong bleedings after dental treatment? How many times do you brush, how often do you floss, do you think your teeth are healthy? what type of bristles is your brush? Are you in Pain?
        4. The search process
          1. Search for the city + chamber of commerce
          2. ‘members directory’
          3. Scroll to find
            1. They have the name, the number, and address
          4. typing the name of the city + dentist… and seeing that they have ADS
          5. Click their facebook icon at their site…
            1. Do they have reviews? are they responsive on their site?
          6. Check their patient intake form, online
            1. Dental History y/n
        5. With the list with local dentists… first contact lettsago!
          1. First client makes getting other clients easier
          2. Case testimonial… video testimonials…
        6. First Contact And Gtting THeir Attention The Right Way
          1. STEP 1
            1. Sweetness: do it in the morning
            2. Go to Local Bakery and pick up some “goodies” 2 doesen of something…
            3. Write a personal note that says:
              “Hey, My Name Is Jake Goss-Kuehn and I run a Facebook Marketing company here in Minneapolis. I wanted t ostop in and introduce myself. Enjoy the Cookies! (NAME, CNAME OF COMPANY, PHONE NUMBER AT THE BOTTOM)
            4. Deliver the Cookies, and introduce yourself to the recieptionist (Get their name)
            5. WALK THE FUCK OUT.
          2. STEP 2:
            1. Get the meeting
            2. Come back towards the end of the day, and talk to the same reciptinst or whoever let you know that you talked to the reciepitons’ name when you broguht in cookies in the morning
            3. Remind them you have a facebook maretking company thats helps local busiensses get more people through the door
            4. The company is in the process of building something brand new for helping dentists get patients and you wanted to know if you could talk to the office manager about *GETTING SOME HELP WITH IT…
              Tell her you have a few questions and should only take 15 minutes at most and that you’re flexible
            5. Set the Meeting or Talk with them ASAP.
          3. Step 3
            1. Is below
      4. How To GEt THem To Take A Chance On You (With no reuslts
        1. Show them EVERYTHING and get the $100 YES
          1. We’be been working on a way to get patients into a dental office using Facebook and my friend that intially walked me through this has been helping dentists from Arkansas get a ton of People through the door. I’ve been looking for a local office here to help me test it out.”Would this be Something you might want to work with me on?


            So… here’s the deal… since you’re helping me out I’ll do all my usual work for free. You guys throw up the initial $100 for the Facebook ad cost and I’ll go to work customizing all of this for your office.

            That work for you?


          2. This crosses the threshold in their minds that they spent money on you, and that they trust you enough to give you money — do you offer a positive ROI or their money back? — fuck no — Its 100 bucks to experiment with them… its a sbo
          3. If its a NO…
            1. Walk away, and say thanks so much…
              1. They need you more than you need them. there are plenty of folks to rock this adventure to you. The upside of this is bigger than the downside
              2. Offer a free seminar on SEO and Facebook ranking on the weekend
            2. Yes…
              1. You link to a payment.
              2. You nail down the first offer
              3. You go home, and get it all ready that night so you can send them something in the morning (this is super easy)
      5. How To Provide The Service
        1. Show them the landng page of the blonde chick for the landing page…
        2. Half of you why what im showing you works… is because it looks freaking great!
        3. It WORKS on your potential Client (they’ll be proud to sign off on it) and it works on those you’re looking to attract for your dentist
        4. If you try and skim on this part… the results will reflect that
        5. Don’t go cheap on YOUR product.
        6. Invest, and do it right.
        7. ClickFunnels
      6. How to Transition From Trial Client To Full Client
        1. Clickfunnels
          1. Demographic of a landing page…
            1. Has a timer, upsell for a freebie if they fill the form by then
          2. Thank you page
          3. 300$ per month is worth it
          4. 90% of the time you will be using these
            1. Huge white background video on a opt-in
            2. Getting a name, email, phone number
          5. Targeting: People who are soon to be engaged
            1. 200$ per patient, is rediciulus for a free teeth whitening
          6. The secret is not a great offer, is what a ‘fearless offer’
          7. ‘giving away to come over the treshhold once, and to sit down’
            1. ‘the cost of time is all they’re spending. the margins are great’
          8. gets people in the door, that aren’t in PAIN
          9. “pain isn’t great, but can get people in for others
            1. teeth exam is for free… then typically happens when you give an exam when they haven’t been in an office in a while… actual problems that can turn into worse problems down the road
          10. “thank you page: wait, call and schedule before the time expires at home whitening upgrade at no cost to you”
            1. But WaitIf you call and schedule before the timer expires eblow, we’l add in our at home whitening upgrade at no cost to you

              How to schedule:

              Step 1, dial our office at (number)
              Step 2, Use code ‘bridal’ when you schedule your free whitening session with our receptionist… this lets us know you won’t be charged the normal 199.95 fee
              step 3: if you call before the timer expires below, we’ll also throw in the at home whitening tools (limited number of these)

          11. Automation Pages: 2 emails, and 1 SMS message that sends a few minutes AFTER they fill the form
            1. Email: Hey, I saw that you signed up. This is how you set it up.
            2. 2nd email, your teeth whitening offer expires in 48 more hours. thanks!
          12. Call Rail for phone forwarding (30$/mo)
            1. Create a phone number
            2. Using it online
            3. Putting in the number of the dentist office you’re sending the call to
            4. Whisper Message: Call from YOUR COMPANY
              1. small message from you, that says that the lead came from you…
            5. “This will be recorded for quality assurances”
          13. Package number 2:
            1. Free teeth cleaning
            2. Family members access -> is free, should find something
            3. How many leads for 100$? Maybe 2.
            4. Call before, give a free Exam… (will give the exam anyway)
          14. Package (Generic)
            1. Its time to get Your Smile back in Shape with our free whitening treatment
            2. For folks Recently divorced or seperated
          15. “self sabatoge with remarketing”
          16. FACEBOOK ADVERTISING for it
            1. Use a page that looks like a normal person… or a ‘deals page’
            2. Do not run from the dentists’ office:
              1. pain of control of the page
            3. If FB doesn’t approve b/c of the focus on the smile… remov the box on the smile
            4. “AGE 19 to 40”
            5. Engaged… relationship status…
              1. at least one of the following: divorced…. seperated….
              2. parent: 8-12 yrs, and 0-8 years
            6. Females
            7. Exact location of the area, +25 miles or +50 miles
            8. 2000 people… and local… and exact
              1. A lot more than 2 to 3 a month
            9. 5-10$ on daily ad spend
            10. first 48 hours are 5$… maybe 10$ per day for a week
            11. Ads: Snappa (Facebook ads)
      7. From Trial Client To Part Of Your Client Roster
        1. If we’re are or are not doing a good job, can write down wht you think so we can put it on the sales page
        2. After 14 days… the Dental Office Should Love You
        3. Then You’re going to go in and close the $900/month deal
        4. This should be the easiest deal on the planet to close
        5. Call the Office to set up a meeting to discuss the results of the test
          1. After 14 days… check the # of optins
          2. ask for the # of calls to the office
          3. ask about their results when they came in
        6. If they had issues closing, its because they need to be educated further, if no, then you’re good too
        7. Let them know you appreciate their help proving the model and will be offering this to other dental offices. Let them know if you’d like to continue to work with their office and send new patients
        8. If they’re intereted, you can talk monthly cost
        9. The Pitch:
          1. Looking to charge 1,500 per month to do the service for other Dentists now that you’ve gotten the system down to a science- This is the truth.
          2. But since they helped you prove the model, you’d like to keep working in the process to send even more people their way
          3. So if they want to keep working with you, it will only be 900$ per month plus ad spend, (200-300 for ads)
          4. When they say yes. SHAKE THEIR HAND
          5. If they want to pay now or later, pay via the payment page
          6. If they are not sold on this, then walk out. If they’re not sold on this, you’ll work with somebody else.
          7. This is a monthly charge. If they want to pay by the year, they get 2 months for free
      8. Growing to 10 Clients in 90 Days
        1. 90 day hustler only section
          1. gotta wake up thinking about it
          2. 1-35 100% focused on one person
          3. week 1, organise product to easily deploy it, should be able to show everything within 24 hours
          4. week 2-4, find and deliver for your first client
          5. walk in with your gun loaded
          6. 36-60, testimonial case study with the first client
            1. make sure they mention SPECIFIC RESULTS from the first test
            2. B/c will make video: this is how we got 60% ROI for this doctor’s office
            3. Then add the tesimonial
          7. CLONE, REPEAT for their area
          8. day 60-90, repeat, repeat, repeat
      9. How To Manage The Day to Day Business
        1. If you’re not talking with a client:
        2. Login to FB costs, optins for clickfunnels, call tracking data, check heatmaps on underperforming pages, tweak issues, check for client emails
        3. Day to Day
          1. Compile weekend data, and email clients before their end of business day. Show them their stats and ask them to leyt you know how tyhese leads turned out in the office
          2. Highlight a client success story from one of your clients
          3. Last Friday of the month: SEND A FULL MONTHS STATS TO YOUR CLIENTS
        4. Don’t go over 10 clients w/o hiring someone to help you with the-day-to-day
        5. Usually one can handle 15-20
        6. Covers emergencies
      10. QUESTIONS/ QA session

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