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Posted on Jan 8, 2018 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

The fact that ZOHO CRM doesn’t let you queue daily email blasts is silly.

You’re paying $30 per month, and you have to login daily to send 1000 emails to your email list.

What are you REALLY paying for?

It takes about 15 min to just login, select your leads, and send the email…

..and the weirdest part is you have to do it in sets of 100.

This drains my time as a marketer. I could be off galavanting with clients, or writting better email copy.

But instead, I’m repeating the same godforsaken data-entry esque work.

I don’t trust someone else to login and steal my hard earned leads, so I made this little bot to do it for me.

Its a simple web robot, so no risk of Skynet taking over.

Anyway, heres the use case and demo. Its only 3 minutes to watch.

I used to set this up for others on their Windows laptop, and sync it to run every day at 6am, sending 1000 emails w/o them needing to ever wake up.

Money aside, you won’t be paying $100 per month like they did. Not even $10 once.

I’ll be giving this for free, code and all, to small business owners that request it by sending an email to me at

Just make sure you put Zoho Macro Mailer in the subject header

Talk to you soon!

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