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Swipe My Longform SEO Pitch

Go ahead and swipe my longform SEO pitch to get you more clients. We were able to rank locally and really damn well. This was able to close a five figure contract. I’m testing this, right now, so we’ll see how shortening it can work. We were taking this longform seo copywriting pitch and sending them in emails. So far, ain’t nobody got time for...

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Josh Earl’s Email Copywriting Course Results

The Josh Earl copywriting course results in an easier way to write the emails. The 5 hour video based course is a pretty decent one explaning the SLP framework. I’ve sent out 1500 emails using this formula, and have only had 4 people tell me to fuck off. Luckily, his framework lets you flesh out an email for your email marketing to be action packed. I sent out...

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