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  • One day I Snapchatted too much about mad gainz on bitcoin and as penance, I promised I would write a few blog posts about financial Independence protipz. So I razed my business development blog for the 10th time, and post what people who want to start a business and people that have a business would find interesting, which may include, but not be limited to, distilled guru cliff notes for them to take it to the next level and my compulsive kitten.
  • I run the Web Strategy Viking agency. I work on a product that provides this how the whole smorgasbord of digital marketing can be applied to small businesses quickly, easily, and cheaply. So basically: SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, CRO, & UX. I’m lucky to work with such a great team that knows what those acronyms mean /s.Before that, I was making softwareandroid apps, and that one job applying robot that applies to 10,000s of jobs for you. Turns out just making the things wasn’t enough so I into marketing and sales. I share all of the mistakes that I’m making, so you don’t experience them too, but now I can afford the good kind of cat food.

    I do a lot of pretty interesting passive income side projects, mostly related to marketing gift shirts on Amazon or organic kombucha kits. I also publish books for erotic authors, fiction and educational, and share my guru cliff notes from taking expensive marketing e-courses on this site, but only if they would help inspire me, which is basically everything at this point.

    I have a Snapchat @jakeinmn that I’m active where you can ask me things because I heard that’s what the cool kids are doing nowadays. Or you can send me an email at Or Both. I’m not a cop, do what you want. But if you know me or have worked with me, send me feedback. Unlike my kitten, I listen.

    When I’m not making free websites to those who ask or working on my processes, I play board games or drink homebrew beer/wine/kombucha.

    Because the internet is a big place, standard disclaimers about these being my views and not my clients/employers/cat apply.