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You can build a six-figure business, this month, without needing to learn from your own mistakes.

You can build a six-figure business, this month, without needing to learn from your own mistakes.

Maybe you were in my shoes. When you came up with that idea, it was going to be the next big thing. You and your friends agreed that the idea was perfect, and your daydreams of driving lambos or retiring your family drove you to actually start. Except your dreams were quickly dashed when things hit the fan you realized that you also had to be your company’s only salesman, accountant, financer, employee, manager, and technical guy. You quit your 9 to 5 to work an 80 hour week, and now the motivation is now fear and loathing. Your peers are making more than you working for someone else, and they cannot identify with your ambitions. You’re even considering scrapping the idea and going back to work.

After developing digital businesses both in the industry and for myself since 2010, I’m more of a business marketer than a technical guy. Unlike your Cousin Roger who has the “best business ideas ever”, I’ve actually supported myself through my business. And for every project I have, there are 10 side hustles I’ve failed, documented, and learned what went right and wrong. My own brand of feedback will inspire and give a baseline of what anyone that develops a new business should do to save their time and money.

I struggled for years trying to do everything.┬áIn middle school, I half-assed eBay and digital marketing blogs. In highschool, I designed and printed shirts out of my garage. In college, I tried making phone apps, and after I graduated I made a bunch of robots that applies to jobs and publish books. It was when I started learning and working with the right people that it “clicked”. Lately, people ask me if they should spend their life savings to buy imported fidget spinners or the licensing rights to a franchise no one has ever heard of in Minnesota.

People that leverage the free resources on this website are driven to learn what others have humbled themselves to share about.

    • I invite you to bookmark this website (right now),
    • Spend only five minutes a week to go back to the home page and read a blog post that inspires you,
    • Email me if you have a website and want to get a free strategy session analysis to get more business.

    You can build a six-figure business, it’s not too late.

    -Jake Goss-Kuehn